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Welcome to Hampton PVC Fencing Sydney – a trusted Australian-owned PVC fencing service provider. We have over ten years of experience in residential and commercial fencing, bridging the needs of home and business owners all over Sydney and nearby areas. Over the years, we have greatly improved our products and services and offer a 15-year warranty on premium PVC fencing materials, delivery, and installation. 

Because we want to ensure our customers that we are providing them the highest quality of fencing materials and services, Hampton PVC Fencing Sydney also guarantees the following:

Quality Materials like No Other

We offer our clients the choice of customised fencing styles that are guaranteed impact-resistant, eco-friendly, and with the added benefit that you will never have to repaint them!  

Our years of industry experience allow us to expand our offers from basic and simple fences to the most stylish and customisable PVC fences available. Our fencing professionals have the tools to work with your property’s specific contours and challenges, leading to clean, sweeping fence lines. Along with hard work, skills, and cutting-edge techniques and technology, we deliver nothing but exceptional results all the time. 

Unparalleled Services 

Hampton PVC provides quality UV resistant and Graffiti resistant PVC materials used in many significant projects throughout the country, including several of Australia’s most prominent sports centers and developments. We cater to residential and commercial clients in Sydney and nearby locations, offering them easy access to supply and install options. 

Certified Experts

Hampton PVC Fencing Sydney leads a dedicated team of highly qualified fencers, machinists, and project managers who work hard to install outstanding fences. We have also improved our methods and operations to lessen delay and maximise customer choice. We can take on any fence and gate customisation requests without compromising quality and budget.

Sturdy PVC materials for Your Next Fencing Project

PVC fencing has improved the way fences in Australia are constructed and maintained. Unlike steel or timber fences, PVC fences need little to no maintenance. In fact, you will never need to paint them again. These are an ideal option when the time comes that you need to switch from worn-out steel and wood fences. 

Guaranteed Safety for Your Property 

PVC fencing continually proves its value over time when put next against traditional timber fences and other fencing materials, especially when tormented by changing weather conditions. PVC installations will last in all conditions, including by the ocean or in the harsh outback sun. Enjoy both aesthetics and functionality when you opt for PVC fence from Hampton PVC Fencing Sydney. 

Your Trusted PVC Fence Experts in Australia

When you aim to install a replacement fence, you must consider all of the factors before choosing a fencing style. Luckily, knowledgeable fencing contractors like Hampton PVC can help walk you through these critical decisions and recommend the correct solution for you. 

Our friendly team can give you a free on-site quote at your commercial or residential property. Our experts are more than glad to help you. Allow us to answer all of your questions about installing PVC fences or changing your boundary fence.

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Our Products

PVC Picket Fence

If you want to shop for a white PVC fence or boundary fence, we are here to help! We can deliver and install in Sydney, Australia, and nearby locations. One of the crowd favorites is the PVC Picket Fence, as it can be used in many different ways. The most common use is for property bordering. However, it’s becoming more popular for commercial use in the following ways:

  •  Product and company brand launches;
  • Making an event VIP or restricted area;
  • Wedding ceremonies and receptions;
  • Crowd control;
  • Fixed or temporary bordering for restaurants and outdoor spaces.

Privacy PVC Fence

A privacy PVC fence is the ultimate solution for home security and privacy. Not only do they have fantastic curb appeal, but they also allow you to relax in your own home, knowing that neighbors and passers-by are not able to look in. These fences also offer some noise reduction from vehicles or noisy neighbors, allowing you to sleep easy. With us, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are getting the best products and services from a provider who knows precisely the unique needs of our clients. We are committed to providing cost-effective and high-quality fencing solutions to everyone.

Semi-Privacy PVC Fence

PVC semi-privacy fencing is another popular style of fencing system, offering sufficient airflow while keeping a degree of privacy. PVC semi-privacy fencing adds an eye-catching depth and design to your home.

Semi-privacy PVC fences are popular to many owners mainly because of their cost and aesthetics. These PVC or plastic fences offer privacy without affecting too much of the airflow. For value, installation, durability, and quality engineering, they are unmatched! The following are a number of the advantages of getting a semi-privacy PVC fence:

  • Reduction of sound pollution from traffic or neighbours;
  • Enhancing privacy and safety to your home;
  • Improving the property value;
  • Making sure that the kids can play safely within the premises;
  • Making sure pets are secured in your backyard.

PVC Post and Rail 

Our PVC post and rail products are affordable and practical solutions for paddocks, farm areas, sports areas, land developers, and residential areas. Our fencing comes in 2 or 3 rails at varying heights depending on the use case. The rails are designed to be double ribbed for extra strength and pre-notched for straightforward installation. Hampton PVC Fencing Sydney also stocks a good range of post and rail gates. The advantages of installing PVC post and rail fencing include:

  • Reduces the costs in painting or staining;
  • No absorption of moisture;
  • Keeps a fresh appearance for decades to come;
  • Easy to maintain and clean.


PVC Gates

PVC fencing gates are a popular choice due to the elegant look and feel they add to your property’s entrance. You get to choose between a variety of colors or styles that are not only functional but attractive at the same time. The hardware used is solely designed to work perfectly with PVC fencing and is made only from the best quality materials. Our installation team is experienced with both hinged pedestrian and driveway gates and automatic roller or opening gates. 

Top Grade PVC Fence and Installation in Sydney

Having been in the industry for many years now, we have become one of the trusted names for PVC fence designs and supplies. Among our valued residential customers, we also have a long list of commercial, industrial, and small business clients, including animal breeders, farm owners, land developers, and more.

Hampton PVC Fencing uses only the most effective plastic processing technologies and materials to come up with world-class fencing systems. We make sure that our fence design is first tested and approved for Australian conditions and that each piece of fencing reflects our quality guarantee. 

Frequently Asked Questions
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Is PVC fencing expensive in Australia?

PVC fencing is not expensive compared to other fencing types when considering the following points:

  • PVC fencing can be installed quicker than other fence types since it is premeasured to your specific block, reducing install time frames and fees.
  • In the long run, you will also save costs on maintenance since PVC is relatively maintenance-free.
  • PVC fencing is extremely customisable. If you opt for standard premade pieces, it is very affordable. But if you would like to customise and add extra features, this can add up.

Getting pricing for your specific needs is as easy as calling the team at Prime PVC or filling in our quote form. Our professionals are ready and waiting for your call!

Does PVC fencing last in Australia?

PVC doesn’t require much maintenance. Typically, all it takes is a spray with a hose and household cleaners to get it looking like new.  

This is so because vinyl fences are made specifically with PVC. This material is mixed with key ingredients that make it sturdy, durable, and resistant against various forms of weather and ultraviolet rays. PVC does not warp or rot like wooden fences, nor does it rust like steel fences. Of course, the major benefit also being that painting or restaining is not required. 

Is PVC fencing any good?

Of course! Not only do they look great, you get to save maintenance money with such a sturdy and trusted option. There is no need for continual upkeep and other maintenance solutions; hence, saving you time and money. Moreover, PVC is additionally quite affordable material, and PVC fences are pretty straightforward to install if you have some handyman experience. However, we recommend you leave this to the professionals if you do not have fence building experience, as an unlevel fence will drive you mad if you have to look at it every day. But if the budget is tight and you feel you are pretty handy, we can deliver your fence for you to get stuck into it.

Furthermore, there are many different PVC products to choose from, and they are all very customisable:

1. Fence Posts and Railing

 These are great for surrounding either big property domains, fields, or animal farms. It is also referred to as a ranch fence panel. This type is at the height of 2 to 4 rails to contain large animals or pets.

2.   Picket Fence

These fences are similar temperament for outlining boundaries while providing your home with an aesthetic touch. We can offer many different picket options along with railings and posts. Thanks to its timeless appearance, it’s popular with homeowners and landscapers.

3. Semi-privacy Fencing

This type of fencing offers a specific degree of privacy while offering a viewing gap that offers more airflow.

Which is better: PVC or vinyl fence?

PVC is a very common formulation of Vinyl that is employed in many ways, such as plumbing, construction, insulation, and other installations. It brings in many benefits like high durability, low production costs, and a protracted lifespan. 

On the other hand, vinyl ones use PVC as a key ingredient, even if some mix it with other forms of Vinyl, such as polyvinyl resin and polyacrylonitrile. This has made a lot of people use the terms “vinyl” and “PVC” similarly.

Is PVC fencing cheaper than wood?

In contrast to wood fencing, PVC is more durable, easier to maintain and clean, requires no ongoing painting or staining fees, and does not warp or crack over time. For this reason, you may pay slightly more upfront for a PVC fence, but with the ongoing costs and lower lifespan for wooden fences and also the better aesthetics of PVC Fences, the choice is in your court. 

Furthermore, Vinyl and wood both offer unique benefits. Wood and Vinyl are available in many styles supported budgets. Wood gives your home a classic, traditional look, while Vinyl/PVC looks more modern and clean and stands the test of time.  

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