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A setout survey is responsible for the determination of cadastral metes and bounds, as well as the position of structures within the property. Doing this guarantees that the construction team performs everything in accordance with the plans approved by the council.

Our company can also transfer a building design to the land, make out key points and employ markers as a guide for the builders. All of these can only be performed by a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor.

The Importance of Setout Surveys

Setout surveys allow the construction to be executed in accordance with the local regulations and standards. Thus, they are vital in making sure that no boundary disputes will take place. Further, they enable the builders to perform everything according to the plan. When you choose us, our surveyors can perform the most accurate set-out surveys for:

  • Residential Properties
  • Commercial and Industrial Buildings
  • Roads and Sidewalks
  • Bridges
  • Big Buildings
  • Sewers
  • Stormwater and Water Supply System
  • Electricity Lines

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We know and understand that building house is done at a fast pace and that immediate response from our surveyors Canberra when you need them is essential to keep up with the project flow. To address this, we have in our company the best teams, enabling us to render the best survey using the best and equipped vehicle. 

To make sure that we give the best to our clients, we offer requests for housing setout, boundary setout, setout of services infrastructure, road setout, asset recording, control establishment, and even level establishment.

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